WISE | Women in Science and Engineering

SF State WISE provides opportunities for women in STEM fields to learn from and support one another through presentations, workshops, and the establishment of mentoring communities.

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Our Mission

The SF State Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program supports students, faculty, and staff in the areas of science, mathematics, and engineering. The SF State WISE program promotes the impact of women on science, mathematics, and engineering professions, as well as attempts to increase the number of women pursuing a career in these fields at the local, regional, and national levels. The program aims to provide opportunities for all College of Science and Engineering (CoSE) faculty, staff, and students to learn from prominent women scientists and each other through presentations, workshops, and mentoring communities.

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Megumi Fuse, PhD
Professor in the Department of Biology
San Francisco State University
Phone: 415-405-0728
Email: fuse@sfsu.edu

WISE student chapter

Email: sfsuwise@gmail.com

WISE Events

WISE luncheons offer an opportunity for SF State faculty and staff to gather and discuss their experiences as women in STEM fields with each other and guest speakers.