Student Project Showcase 2023

student project showcase

The 2023 CoSE Student Project Showcase will be held on Friday, May 5.

This annual event features a variety of exciting student projects, highlighting our faculty's commitment to providing SF State students with hands-on experience in the discovery of new knowledge. Join us to see an array of projects in Astronomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geosciences, Geography, Math, Physics, and Psychology.

If you would like to attend or be a judge this year, please reach out to Associate Dean Ron Marzke at


2023 Competition Requirements

  • At least one of the participants must major in one of the disciplines in the College of Science & Engineering in the Fall 2022 through Spring 2023.
  • Projects must be related to one of the fields in the College of Science & Engineering.
  • Participants must complete and submit electronically the 2023 Student Project Showcase Registration Form. Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. Monday, April 10, 2023. 
  • Posters should be printed 36" x 48".
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to set up their stations starting at 8 a.m. on May 5. Once set up is done, they may take a break and come back by 12 p.m. to check in and get ready for the competition.
  • Participants must be available from 1–4 p.m. on May 5 to present their projects.

Donate or sponsor the event to support our students. Your gift will go towards helping students fund their poster presentations and cash awards for outstanding research.

For more information on the event, contact Lannie Nguyen at

Student Project Showcase 2022 Awards

1ST Place
Entry Number: 12 GL
Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus and its Role in Host Viral Replication
By: Ernst Heinz V. Pulido
Cellular & Molecular Biology
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Erica L. Sanchez, Dr. Robyn Kaake (UCSF), and Dr. Scott Roy

2nd Place
Entry Number: 29 GL
Analgesics for Improved Welfare in Hummingbird Bobtail Squid (Euprymna berryi)
By: Skyler Deutsch, Christopher Seng, and Alyssa Ng
Marine Biology & Limnology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robyn Crook

3rd Place
Entry Number: 15 GL
Endocytosis as a regulator of Glucagon Receptor Signaling
By: Jan Mikhale Cajulao and Eduardo Hernandez
Cellular & Molecular Biology
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Erica L. Sanchez and Dr. Mark von Zastrow (UCSF)

4th Place
Entry Number: 38 GL
Finding Fog in the Cellular Anatomy of Coast Redwoods Trees
By: Triana Anderson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexander Stine

Honorable Mention
Entry Number: 39 GL
Impact of Compost Tea and Row Management on Orchard Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Soil Properties
By: Clarissa Maciel and Angelica Crecencio
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Andrew Oliphant, Dr. Leonhard Blesius, and Dr. Sara Baguskas

1ST Place
Entry Number: 65 GP
Testing for binary companions among rare stellar remnants in the star cluster NGC 6752
By: Yatrik Patel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Adrienne Cool

2nd Place
Entry Number: 62 GP
Efficient Single-Photon Source with Integrated Nanophotonic Waveguide
By: Dominic Ditmyer and Noel Ibarra
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Huizhong Xu

3rd Place
Entry Number: 47 GP
Design and Evaluation of an IMU Sensor-based System for the Rehabilitation of Upper Limb Motor Dysfunction
By: Bao Tran
Electrical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xiaorong Zhang, Dr. Charmayne Hughes, and Zhuwei Qin

1ST Place
Entry Number: 75 G/UB
An Examination of the Associations between COVID-Related Distress and Disordered Eating
By: Cherish Wilson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah R. Holley

1ST Place
Entry Number: 119 UL
Isolating Prostate Cancer-Selective Naphthoquinone Derivatives from Streptomyces sp. CP59-55
By: Devin Simbol
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Taro Amagata, Dr. Frederick A. Valeriote, and Dr. Mark Swanson

2nd Place
Entry Number: 106 UL
A Dominant Modifier Screen for Genetic Interactor of Jagunal in Drosophila
By: Jorge Inojoza and Judy Abuel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Blake Riggs

3rd Places

Entry Number: 116 UL
Exploring the Regulation of Polyamine Biosynthesis and Degradation via Lysine Acetylation in E. coli
By: Pamela L. Caro De Silva
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Misty L. Kuhn

Entry Number: 117 UL
Examination of the Structural Motifs that Underpin the GNAT Fold Across Diverse 3D Protein Structures
By: Phelan Glenn and Huy Duc Do
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Misty L. Kuhn

Honorable Mention
Entry Number: 110 UL
Applying Machine Learning Segmentation Algorithms to Biomedical Imaging for More Accurate Tumor Detection
By: Gineton Alencar, Joel Villalpando, and Elizabeth Mathiasen
Computer Science
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Ilmi Yoon and Dr. Faye Orcales

1ST Place
Entry Number: 124 UP
Adsorption of silver(I) ion on synthetic manganese dioxide following oxidative dissolution of silver nanoparticles
By: Jon Gallardo and Edgar Guzman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bruce Manning

1ST Place
Entry Number: 140 UE/CS
Chess Bot
By: Armando Cobian, Justin Hannen, and Gerank Fok
Electrical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Holton

2nd Place
Entry Number: 144 UE/CS
Project Foresight
By: Hayden Seto, Chris Sakurada, and Mitchell Bergman
Electrical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Holton

3rd Place
Entry Number: 139 UE/CS
Stable Spoon
By: Andre Corrales, JunJie Li, and Jashua Tamsi Villajin
Electrical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hamid Mahmoodi

1ST Place
Entry Number: 128 UP
Climate Interference in Islamic Egypt
By: Wesley Mariscal
Earth & Climate Sciences
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexander Stine, Dr. Erin Bray, and Francis Ludlow (Trinity College Dublin)