2023 8 B1

BIOL466: Adapt to survive

By: Nestor Ruelas Armenta

Department: Biology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. José R. De La Torre

Hydrogenivirga caldilitoris DSM 16510 is a gram-negative bacteria located in the aquatic hot springs of Japan, Kagoshima Prefecture, Ibusuki. These bacteria belong to the family Aquificaceae. Hydrogenivirga caldilitoris is a thermophilic bacteria that can thrive at temperatures of 55-75 degrees Celsius. Whital, I wanted to see the evolutionary adaptations that made it possible for this organism to live at this temperature. Some of those adaptations are protein adaptation, enzymes, maintaining cell stability, and ionic interactions, and for my project, I wanted to take a look at the tRNA modification enzymes. My research question is Why is tRNA less present in thermophilic organisms than in mesophilic organisms? And how does modification help the organism survive at such high temperatures?