2023 204 E2

Smart Crib

By: Jared Richardson, David Zhou, Brian Miranda, Cesar Lopez

Department: Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Anwar

The objective of our project is designing a lifting mechanism that will lift the bed of a baby’s crib. The reason for this objective is because of a very much desired need that comes from giving birth to a newborn baby. As we have discovered that 75% of women experience back pain immediately following birth. This pain can be moderately to severely debilitating to the mom. As this then affects the daily life of caring for the newborn baby, sleep patterns, and other household activities. This is officially called Postpartum Low Back Pain. Due to the low back pain from birth, another factor comes into play that is due to the fact that the mother typically cares for the baby and performing household activities causes heavy lifting and bending of the lower back which in most cases causes the pain to become even more intense. This is where we believe that implementing the lifting mechanism that then lifts the bed of the baby will allow a much easier approach when settling the baby onto the bed. As when a mother is trying to move the baby onto the bed, typically the mother has to bend the lower back due to the mattress being significantly lower than the top rail of the crib. Safely and securing this lifting mechanism into an existing crib will then play a huge role in solving this issue. As it will allow the mother to easily place the baby onto the crib when lifting at the desired height. As well as limit any bending of the lower back. This could possibly help prevent any further injury towards the mother.