Student-run ‘hackathon’ goes virtual — and global

Author: Patrick Monahan
March 16, 2021
Graphic design with logo of Golden Gate Bridge reading "SF Hacks, San Francisco's biggest collegiate hackathon"
Photo Credit: Design by Brenda Yau and Aman Kumar

Every year, hundreds of students gather in the Annex at San Francisco State University, furiously coding, designing and presenting applications as part of the biggest collegiate “hackathon” in San Francisco. Last week, that hackathon instead took place over the internet, and it was bigger than ever.

SF Hacks combines keynote talks, workshops, games and other activities with a competition where teams of students race to piece together prototypes of computer and mobile applications which are then evaluated by a team of judges. This year’s theme was “Life Hacks,” focusing on how technology can aid parts of our lives that have been disrupted over the past year. “As the world is constantly changing, we need technology that can keep up,” said SF Hacks President Leisha Murthy, a second-year Computer Science student.

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