Stable Spoon

By: Andre Corrales, JunJie Li, and Jashua Tamsi Villajin

Department: Electrical engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hamid Mahmoodi

A utensil that is meant to help those who have lost fine motor skills or suffer with hand tremors. We see this as a tool that helps those who are required to change their approach to eating or compromise their food in such a way that makes it easier to eat, bring back some independence when eating. The approach is to connect a sensor to an IMU that will detect the feedback and use servos. The design is meant to mimic a gimbal. This approach is unique because it should be relatively cheaper to create. This will allow others easier access to build onto this project, making desired changes and modifications to fit their wants and needs. The lower cost and ease of assembly would allow batch production to be made and distributed too. The stability of the gimbal has a primary market in film and photography. With its handheld size and capabilities, we have not seen a diversification of this technology used for something else when the technology required is relatively inexpensive. The project is very important seeing as there are many people that suffer from tremors so having a very accessible and cheap option for these users would be greatly beneficial to them.