Two new exoplanets discovered in SF State astronomer’s 100 Earths Survey

Author: Kanaga Rajan
June 14, 2023
Illustration of how the four-planet system around rho Coronae Borealis may appear
Photo Credit: Illustration by Natalia Porter

Astronomy & Physics Assistant Professor John Michael Brewer detected rare types of planets and planetary systems thanks to a precise new tool.

Have you ever considered the stars in the night sky and wondered how many are orbited by planets like ours? San Francisco State University Astronomy & Physics Assistant Professor John Michael Brewer has … and he’s getting answers. He’s the latest in San Francisco State’s long list of planet hunters hoping to find new planets comparable to our Earth. He and his collaborators are inching closer to their goal with their new discovery.

Their latest report describes the detection of two new exoplanets in what was believed to be a two-planet system. The new exoplanets are the first to be discovered in the 100 Earths Survey, a project led by Brewer that uses an extremely precise new tool to detect planets previously beyond scientists’ reach. The findings have been accepted to the Astronomical Journal but the preprint is already available on arXiv.

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