Q1. Where is the SF State core electron microscopy facility located?

A1. The SF State EMF is located in room 138 of Hensill Hall on the main campus of SF State.

Hensill Hall is located on the North-East corner of campus on 19th Avenue between Buckingham Way and Holloway Avenue. From the street level (3rd floor), take the elevator or stairs to the first floor. The Electron Microscopy Facility shares a suite of laboratories with the Cell and Molecular and Imaging Center (CMIC) and the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Facility.

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Q2. How do I acknowledge use of the Carl Zeiss Ultra 55 in my papers and posters?

A2. "We gratefully acknowledge use of the Carl Zeiss Ultra 55 FE-SEM and supporting equipment at SF State. The FE-SEM and supporting facilities were obtained under NSF-MRI award #0821619 and NSF-EAR award #0949176, respectively". The facility director is always available to help describe the instrument and imaging conditions in publications.

Useful consumable items from a local vendor: Ted Pella (www.tedpella.com).

16111-9            Specimen stub 12.7 mm diameter

16144-9           Specimen stub 25.4 mm diameter

1663-12           Specimen stub tweezers for 12.7 mm stubs

1663-25           Specimen stub tweezers for 25.4 mm stubs

16120               Plastic storage boxes with four pin mounts for 12.7 mm stubs

16709               Large plastic storage boxes for up to eighteen stubs

16053               Conductive graphite paint (isopropanol base). Air dry.

16034               Colloidal silver paint (1-Methoxy-2 Propanol base). Air dry.

16043               Silver Conductive Epoxy (2 component). Room temperature cure.

5618-NM          Non-magnetic high precision tweezers

510                   Self-closing biological tweezers for TEM grids