CoSE Strategic Action Plan

The commitment to fostering a climate of care, inclusiveness, respect, and acceptance reflects a dedication to creating an environment that not only acknowledges the multiculturalism within the community but actively works towards eliminating systemic racism. The Strategic Action Plan serves as a roadmap, providing a structured approach to achieving these goals.

The flexibility embedded in the "living" document underscores CoSE’s responsiveness to the continuous changing landscape and challenges. This adaptability allows for the continuous refinement of goals, objectives and actions to address the current needs of the institution, ensuring that efforts remain relevant and effective in eradicating systemic racism.

In essence, the Strategic Action Plan is a dynamic tool that evolves with the institution’s changes journey toward creating a more inclusive and antiracist community. It reflects a commitment to ongoing assessment, implementation, evaluation, modification, and success at reinforcing CoSE’s dedication and commitment to its mission and vision in a meaningful and impactful manner.

The goals of the Strategic Action Plan

The completion of the Strategic Action Plan in August 2022 by the Task Force, the Science Council and leadership, and the All-College meeting of faculty is a significant milestone for CoSE in its pursuit to building an antiracist community. The comprehensive plan encompasses goals, specific objectives, measurements (benchmarks), actions, responsibilities, and time frames. The Full Plan is located in CoSE Strategic Action Plan and antiracism resources section. The goals are as follows:

  1. Create an Antiracism Committee (ARC) charged with advancing the strategic plan 
  2. Create an Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) position within CoSE 
  3. Create an ongoing assessment of racial climate for students, faculty, and staff within CoSE 
  4. Transform the CoSE environment to a multicultural student community. 
  5. Transform the CoSE environment to a multicultural faculty and staff community. 
  6. Create policies for addressing antiracism and promoting racial equity within CoSE 
  7. Develop practices for promoting racial equity within CoSE and the Community.
  8. Create a partnership between CoSE and the College of Ethnic Studies (COETHS) to advance Social Justice.

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