Biotech certificate students get an insider peek into industry jobs

Author: Kanaga Rajan
June 1, 2022
student wearing mask working on computer
Photo Credit: SF State News

The gSTAR program is only one year old, but the SF State-Genentech collab is already impacting students, faculty and industry

Want a job in biotech? The first step is to get into college and study science. But what’s the second step? Moving directly from the classroom to the workplace isn’t always easy, especially in a competitive field like biotech.

Enter San Francisco State University’s Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology Certificate (gSTAR) program. Designed by San Francisco State faculty and Genentech scientists, the program is tailored specifically to University undergraduates interested in industry. It launched in the fall of 2021, and the first students are already reaping the benefits, with several earning Genentech internships.

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