AFM Systems and Components


 The Atomic Force Microscopy Facility at San Francisco State University is equipped with a suite of JPK Instruments that combined make a versatile and powerful scanning probe microscopy laboratory. 


NanoWizard4A Bioscience AFM

NanoWizard® 4a - The next benchmark of BioAFM

High resolution and fast scanning – a new level of performance

The NanoWizard® 4a BioScience AFM combines atomic resolution and fast scanning with line rates up to 70 Hz in a system with a large scan range of 100 µm. It is designed for highest mechanical and thermal stability on an inverted microscope for long term experiments, even on living cells. It has the lowest noise level for all AFM components such as the closed-loop scanner and deflection detection system. The electronics ensure the highest quality data.


NanoWizard Ultra Speed A AFM

True atomic resolution and fast scanning in the most flexible AFM system. Performance made in Germany.

The NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed A AFM system sets the new standard in terms of resolution paired with scan speed. The optimized cantilever deflection detection system comes with lowest noise level of today’s AFMs. The fast electronics with highest bandwidth as well as the rigid mechanics and the newly designed high-voltage amplifiers deliver most accurate force control even on delicate sample structures.

Fast AFM scanning to see dynamics from single molecules to living cells

To see dynamics in-situ with the highest spatial resolution is a current challenge for AFM. With the NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed A AFM combined with standard inverted optical microscopy with condenser optics, fast scanning in-situ AFM experiments are now possible.

Fast AFM scanning on living cells in a Petri dish or single molecule dynamic studies can be performed. Experiments can be triggered or sample properties can be controlled with simultaneous environmental control (temperature, gas or fluid exchange etc.).

Experiments involving polymer phase transitions, crystallization, enzymatic reactions, film or fibril growth or electrochemical reactions can all be performed in-situ.


CellHesion 200

The single cell force testing solution for cell adhesion and elasticity studies

Providing reproducible quantitative results for single cells with precision down to the single-molecule level - the innovative CellHesion® methodology opens up new paths for the study of cellular interactions with results of a completely new quality level. Data can be measured for a number of important parameters involved in cellular adhesion, including maximum cell adhesion force, single unbinding events, tether characteristics, and work of removal.

Two Stages:

Specimens can be examined with the Zeiss Axio Observer inverted fluorescent microscope or the TopViewOptics Module with a granite base. The TopViewOptics Module can hold the JPK Manual Precision Stage or the ThickSample Handing Accessory.

Five Accessory Modules:

JPK HTHSTM High Temperature Heating Stage

JPK SmallCellTM closed fluid cell for harsh solvents

JPK Conductive AFM Module

JPK Kelving Probe microscopy (KPM) Module