Autonomous RC Car Using CAN Bus

Authors: Parth Sharma, Piyush Sharma

Faculty Supervisor: Hamid Shahnasser

Department: Engineering

This project outlines the design and implementation of an autonomous, battery-operated vehicle capable of self-navigation through integration with a bespoke application that interfaces with Google Maps via Bluetooth for destination input and route planning. Central to the vehicle's autonomous navigation and operational capabilities is a sophisticated real-time data processing and communication framework facilitated by a network of four ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are intricately linked through a Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus, ensuring high-reliability communication essential for coordinating complex navigational tasks and vehicle control systems in real time.

The vehicle operates under the FreeRTOS operating system, selected for its robust support for real-time multitasking and its lightweight footprint, which is crucial for the embedded systems environment. This operating system enables efficient scheduling and execution of tasks, including sensor data acquisition, processing, and actuation control, which are critical for the autonomous operation of the vehicle.