Authors: Michael Decker Jr., George Lebbos, Oscar Orozco, Marco Anguiano

Faculty Supervisor: Hao Jiang

Department: Engineering

The project involves the development of a solar-powered portable weather station designed to measure humidity, temperature, pressure, and air particulates. The unique approach centers on creating a compact and highly portable station, ensuring easy placement for users. Emphasizing power efficiency, the system is engineered to collect data over multiple days, enabling comprehensive analysis of weather trends. Notably, the inclusion of an air particulate sensor distinguishes our weather station, providing users with more accurate and valuable local weather updates. The uniqueness of our approach lies in the station's unparalleled compactness, offering users unprecedented flexibility in deployment. Furthermore, the incorporation of an air particulate sensor addresses a critical gap in commercially available weather stations, which often lack this feature and are prohibitively expensive. This project is of paramount importance as it addresses the common challenge of relying on distant weather stations for accurate forecasts. By enabling users to deploy affordable and precise weather stations in their vicinity, our project empowers communities to access localized and dependable weather information, thus enhancing overall preparedness and safety.