Shape Chaser

Authors: Alvaro Ramirez, Cameron Tuttle, Mutaz Albazian

Faculty Supervisor: David Quintero

Department: Engineering

The Shape Chaser is a toy designed to provide a blend of modern technology and design with child development and skill building activities. With the Shape Chaser, children ages 0-2 will match shaped blocks with their corresponding shaped holes, but with a twist! With each shape matched, the toy will drive away, encouraging movement to keep up with the game. But that's not all! The Shape Chaser implements a new cognitive thinking mode that can reward extra points for fitting shapes into different holes, bolstering the skill of problem solving and critical thinking. Additionally, a travel selector allows parents to adapt the toy for different sized rooms, or increase/decrease movement requirements accordingly. Additionally, the toy includes active collision avoidance to reduce any bumps and scratches, and prompts users when turning the toy around to start the game again.