Authors: Devin Munoz, Pavan Kalla, Leonardo Vigil Ruiz, Haval Kotrush, Steven Jones

Faculty Supervisor: George Anwar

Department: Engineering

The objective of this design is to transport groceries and consumer goods up the stairs in buildings that only contain stairway access. Many buildings in major cities were built before legislation was passed to combat this issue. The solution we propose is a compact, electrically powered cart designed to traverse stairs while carrying an average load of groceries up several stories. This will be achieved by adding a powertrain and specialized wheel assemblies to an existing cart allowing it to climb stairs. The load and battery capacity are based on average consumer usage data. Implementing this solution would alleviate the physical strain associated with carrying groceries upstairs. This offers a more convenient method by reducing the number of trips required. The existing options are mostly specialized equipment for industrial use, or entirely unpowered carts. This alternative is tailored towards consumers that live in stairway only buildings that can benefit from the efficiency and convenience of the proposed design, reducing physical exertion and effort for the consumer.