2023 213 E2

Modular Aerial Gimbal Camera

By: Brandyn Byrnes, Oscar Vazquez, Anthony Sebbo, Carlos Zheng

Department: Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Anwar

With the proliferation of Drone technology and the aerial photography associated with it there is a niche that has developed in the private airplane community that needs a small stabilized camera system with a high capability for image magnification and object tracking capabilities similar to modern drones but scaled up to compensate for the forces, speeds, and distances experienced in flight. In the past this need has been addressed by small camera systems like a go pro, however these devices lack the ability to focus and track points of interest, have short battery life, small digital storage capacity and cannot magnify images. The devices that do meet these needs are typically found on law enforcement or military aircraft and the costs associated are prohibitively expensive for a private pilot.