2023 211 E2

MAJ. Stroller

By: Aaron Chen, Michele Nguyen, Joseph Yonezawa

Department: Engineering 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Anwar

Babies, the miracle of life, are precious and difficult to protect. For what we are as human beings, we have many things to use to help us protect and care for babies. One thing that comes to our minds often is a stroller. It helps protect the baby from harsh sunlight when needed, makes traveling safe for babies, and gives convenience for parents to push and pull instead of carrying a baby the entire time when traveling. However, one misconception about strollers is that people assume basic strollers are safe. Although there are many designs of strollers out in the marketplace, they are all designed with their own purposes. There are lightweight strollers designed for parents to easily travel with their infants with less trouble. Then there are the heavyweight strollers designed for sturdiness, for multipurpose, and multiple carry-ons. However, most if not all strollers are not designed to safely carry a baby up or down stairs. The main problem with strollers in accordance with stairs is that it is simply not safe in any situation and is advised against by stroller providers themselves. Yet it still takes place daily, putting babies at risk every time. Our mission here is to design a stroller that can traverse stairs safely whether it be going up or down stairs. This will be brought to fruition through designing the stroller with tank treads.