2023 196 E1

3D printed Monitor Mount

By: Mario Acuna, Carlos Acuna

Department: Engineering 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Fatemeh Khalkhal

The aim of this project is to design a 3D printed Monitor Mount capable of supporting a maximum weight of 25 lbs and adaptable for small to medium-sized monitors up to 27 inches. The design will incorporate a servo that will automatically rotate the monitor from horizontal to vertical position at the push of a button. The mount will be 3D printed at home using PLA. This document provides the design criteria and numerical values for the 3D printed Monitor Mount.

Design Requirements:

Support a maximum weight of 25 lbs
Adaptable to a range of small to medium-sized monitors up to 27 inches
Automatic adjustment with servo
3D printed mostly at home with PLA
Incorporate cable management

Material Selection:

The Young Modulus of PLA, also known as the Modulus of Elasticity, is approximately 3.5 GPa (Gigapascals). Using an Ashby plot, we can identify that PLA falls in the category of polymers, which generally have a low Young's modulus but a low density as well. This suggests that the 3D printed Monitor Mount will have a lower stiffness compared to a metal mount, but the low density of PLA can help in reducing the overall weight of the mount. PLA is a suitable material for 3D printing, but the parts should be printed with sufficient infill density and layer adhesion to provide the necessary strength and stiffness.