2023 188 E1

Archimedes Crew

By: Joseph DiGiulio, Derrick Compas, Nepthalie Urquico

Department: Engineering 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Quintero

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a process control system that utilizes mechatronic systems to change the volumetric flow rate of an Archimedes screw pump. The control system is designed to consider a 100% flow case when the Archimedes screw is sitting at the specified ideal screw angle of 25and with a pump inlet depth of 12 the outer diameter of the screw. To introduce a change in the flow rate of the pump, the screw shall be driven at a constant speed, yet the angle of the screw shall be changed via a motorized mechanism. This change in angle shall decrease the flow through the pump, as the depth at which the pump inlet sits in the water shall be reduced. This reduction will in turn reduce the amount of water entering the screw inlet. The upper reservoir would be designed to have a simple in-line return pump, which would continuously send water back to the lower reservoir, hence the need for a control system. The water level shall be detected and reported to the central MCU via a water sensor board, and the instantaneous total volumetric flow rate shall be read out on a LCD screen.