2023 178 E1

Seismic Tower Group B

By: Noah Sanchez, Karla De Los Santos, Sudaba Shams, Ithiel Diana Agcaoili, Alejandro Ruiz Granados, Sengchhay Ly, Daniel Wahba

Department: Engineering 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chen

The project will follow the SDC guidelines to develop one structure after analyzing multiple concept towers. The goal for this is to find which will be more appropriate to build for a year-long project. As a team, the tower should be designed between 42-60 inches in height with an area of 14x14 inches at the base. The materials needed to build the tower will be Balsa wood. The design should then undergo a simulated seismic event after it has been finalized to test our results. Further analysis will take place during the entirety of the project to ensure that our design calculations are within range for proper design. The design should take into consideration true engineering for the Bay-Area. Structural and seismic analysis are our main focus for the project. We are looking for a unique design and it should be able to keep its infrastructure and withstand seismic forces. Other forces including gravity and wind loads are implemented into the structure. After concluding our results, the structural design should then be built during the semester of 697.