2023 107 P

Plasmon-Mediated Electrocatalytic Oxidation Reaction

By: Tucker Forbes, Lenimar Marques, Alexiz Romero, Timothy Lin

Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jingjing Qiu

Plasmon-mediated electrocatalysis, i.e., the strategic combination of electrocatalysts and plasmonic nanostructures, is emerging as a novel paradigm for improving the overall performance of electrocatalytic processes and has attracted significant interest in the past few years due to its promise for enhancing the efficiency and/or selectivity of electrochemical reactions. Our research investigates the use of plasmonic nanostructured gold electrodes for (photo)electrocatalytic reaction such as alcohol oxidation and water oxidation. These oxidation reaction could be coupled with water reduction to produce hydrogen gas in a green approach.