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Join us for an info session on the PINC program on December 4th at 11 AM PST!



PINC (Promoting Inclusivity in Computing) is a program at SFSU that aims to provide opportunities for Biology and Chemistry majors (but all non-CS majors are welcome!) to learn about computer science. The program consists of a series of 5 Computer Science classes for non-CS majors (15 units total) taken over four semesters. If you complete all 5 classes successfully, you will earn a minor in Computing Applications. Students take classes with other biology and chemistry students and are mentored by CS grad students and Biology faculty. No prior computer science background needed.

The PINC Summer Program is a summer program for students with and without coding and research experience. It runs June 3- Aug 3 for 10 hours per week.



SEPTEMBER 2020: New editorial by PINC Team in PLOS Computational Biology!

The PINC team has released a new editorial in PLOS Computational Biology! This paper features both PINC faculty and our 2018 summer PINC mentors. Check out the publication under our "Publications" tab on the website. Congrats to all of the authors!

AUGUST 2020: Genentech, Inc. has graciously awarded the PINC program a $621,000 grant that will help develop a Certificate Program for students!

Genentech Inc. has awarded PIs Anagha Kulkarni, Ilmi Yoon, and Pleuni Pennings (PINC program) a $621,000 grant to develop a new certificate program at the intersection of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Biotechnology.  This student training program will be co-designed by Genentech researchers and SFSU faculty to align the curriculum with the technical needs of the biotech industry, thus empowering SFSU students with a highly valued skillset. Thank you Genentech!

AUGUST 2020: The Genentech Foundation has graciously awarded the PINC program a $580,750 grant that provides scholarship opportunities for students!

This GEN-PINC grant will provide scholarships and mentor support to 10 PINC students starting this Fall of 2020. Selected students in the program will receive $4500 for the whole academic year. 

Through the GEN-PINC program, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to collaborate on projects with researchers from industries and other academic institutions such as Genentech, IBM, and Stanford. Through these projects, students will be able to strengthen their computational training, receive mentorships, and establish professional relationships in preparation for careers post-graduation.

Thank you to the PIs who submitted this grant (Anagha Kulkarni, Ilmi Yoon, and Pleuni Pennings) and Genentech for the generous award! We look forward to this partnership and collaboration.


  Spring 2021

  CSC 219: Data Structures for Data Science Application Development

  MW from 3:30pm – 4:45pm (Online)
  Class number: 10369

  Instructor: Dr. Ray Saray

  CSC 306: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Computer Programming

  T/TH from 2pm – 3:15pm (Online)
  Class number: 10570

  Instructor: Milo Johnson



The promotion video above was made by Niquo Ceberio with the help of Jhony Zavaleta who both took CSC 306 in the fall of 2018.
The two students who are interviewed in the video are Emily Samperio (who is now taking CSC 698) and Maria Flores (who is now in CSC 220).