Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology Certificate

Data Science and Machine Learning for Biotechnology Certificate Program




With scientists at Genentech, we have designed a training program that aligns with the technical needs of the biotech/pharmaceutical industries. Students will take courses that consist of 12 units in total over the span of 2 semesters.



  • CSC 219 or CSC 220 (and BIOL 100 if not a Biology major)
  • Open to all Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science majors who have completed the course requirements listed above



CSC 308: Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science (3 units)

Introduction to the basic machine learning concepts and tools. Focuses on applying them for application development, linear model,

deep neural network and transfer learning using Python, Tensorflow, and Keras.


CSC 508**: Machine Learning and Data Science for Personalized Medicine (3 units)

The course is both a standalone introduction to machine learning for genomic data science and a compliment to

previous coursework in biology, biochemistry, or genetics. It is designed for those seeking to gain familiarity with

data science and machine learning tools that enable better decision making from genomic data. Students will

learn common Python tools used in genomic data science and how to apply them in real world datasets.


**counts towards CS Senior elective


CSC 509: Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis (3 units)

This course explores the application of state-of-the-art deep learning models to medical image analysis:

the task of identifying objects such as tissue, bone within an image. The course begins with an overview

of topics central to deep learning based image analysis and culminates in two hands-on case studies.


CSC 601: Seminar Series (1 unit)


TBD: Professional Development (1 unit)


CSC 602: Tech Interview Prep (1 unit)