AstronomersforPlanet.Earth Educates the Public on Protecting Earth

In the Voices.Earth podcast interview, listen to Chris McCarthy and Jessica Agnos of AstronomersforPlanet.Earth and SF State Physics & Astronomy share their astronomical perspective about the Earth and climate change with the public.

“When we started forming our organization, we considered a .org domain name, but if the end of our name is Earth, why not use it in our domain name,” said Chris. “It conveys the idea that we have a global focus in solving problems from a planetary scale.”

“This is a global issue because it’s going to take a global effort to come together,” added Jessica. “Since we started this, we have even partnered with a European group of astronomers that found our .Earth website, and reached out to us. Now, we are combining efforts, and are truly a .Earth organization.”

Read and listen more of their story the Voices.Earth site.