Meet Milo Johnson: Instructor for CSC 306 (Spring 2021)




"Hi! I am a PhD student in Michael Desai's lab at Harvard, studying how things evolve through real-time evolution experiments with yeast! I didn't start doing any research or programming until the end of my junior year in college, but when I did I realized that I really loved both. Now I spend more than half my research time programming, analyzing sequencing data from my experiments.


I think programming is both a tremendously practical skill and - more importantly - a way to work on thinking through problems logically. This might sound like a made-up advertisement catchline, but I honestly think programming skills are the closest we can get to having a modern superpower! And anyone can learn how to do it! And it's fun!


I wanted to teach this class because I have admired what PINC is doing to bring CS education to a wider audience since I first heard about it. I'm excited to contribute to that mission and to share my passion for programming."