Biochemistry professor awarded prestigious early-career NIH grant

Three people in white coats and goggles in a research lab, one holding a pipette
From left: Student Anjani Pradhananga, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Misty Kuhn and student Irina Barol

San Francisco State University Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Misty Kuhn received a prestigious $1.9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in August. Typically awarded to research-intensive universities, the Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award for Early Stage Investigators grant is aimed at launching the careers of highly talented young faculty members. It will fund five years of Kuhn’s research delving into the shape and functions of proteins that could lead to clues about how to fight disease-causing bacteria. Kuhn, the second person to receive the award in the California State University system — and the first woman to do so across all 23 campuses — is the first recipient at San Francisco State.

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