Are you ready to graduate?

Students are prepared for graduation when they have completed all Major, Minor, and University-Wide requirements, including the completion of all General Education (GE), minimum unit, and minimum GPA requirements.


To determine if you are ready to graduate, complete the following steps:

●       Use your degree progress report and your unofficial transcript to track your progress.

●       Visit an advisor at the CoSE Student Success Center (SSC) to review your GE and University-Wide requirements. This includes:

○       Lower-Division GE

○       Upper-Division GE

○       US History and Government Requirement

○       Written English Requirement

○       SF State Studies

○       Minimum GPA

○       Minimum Units and Residency

○      Complementary Studies (for students in B.A. programs who declared their major after Fall 2014)

●       Visit your major and minor advisor(s) (if applicable) to review your major and minor requirements. Check with your department or review the Advising tab to determine who your major advisor is.


Once you are certain you are prepared to graduate, you may apply for graduation.