Graduate School


Students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree are encouraged to reach out to their major advisors or a professor in their intended field of study for further guidance. They may be able to advise on additional courses or steps a student may need to take to prepare for graduate study.


Students who may be interested in continuing their education at SF State in a graduate program should review the Graduate Studies website regarding university-wide graduate study admission requirements. For information about a specific degree program, students should contact the program coordinator directly


Resources for Graduate School Applications


The Division of Graduate Studies offers advising support for prospective graduate students and students applying to graduate school. More information about graduate studies advising can be found on their website.


The Division of Graduate Studies also hosts periodic workshops for prospective graduate students on personal statements and letters of recommendation; for upcoming workshop dates, please view their Upcoming Events and Workshops.


The Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP) also offers support for students applying to graduate school, including graduate-level standardized tests, reaching out to prospective advisors, and writing statements of purpose. You can schedule an appointment to discuss these topics with a tutor and/or refer to the resources listed below:


Graduate Level Test Preparation Helpful Handout


Graduate School Applications


Teaching Credential Applications


CARP also hosts periodic workshop related to graduate school applications; these are posted on their calendar.


SF State Graduation Programs


California Pre-Doctoral Program Summer Research Opportunities

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