DEEP: Diving into Ecology and Evolution Program - First offering Spring 2019

Are you interested in marine environments, finishing your degree requirements, and getting involved in research, but don’t really know how?

SF State is launching a new field semester in Spring 2019 that will offer students these opportunities and more. Students will enroll in several courses concurrently, and earn up to 15 upper division elective units towards their degree, that satisfy SF State requirements for GWAR and GE for Environmental Sustainability. You will spend part of the semester at SF State (main campus and the Estuarine & Ocean Science Center), and part at a field station (2019 will likely be at the University of Hawaii Field Station).

Students will NOT enroll in any other courses during the field semester. Students will enroll in Ecology and Evolution of Marine Systems I & II (Biol670/671), as well as a seminar on experimental design and analysis (Biol 315). Each student will conduct an independent research project (Biology 699) and develop written and oral presentations. Students will also become “scientific divers” and gain certification in small boat operations. Unless accommodation is needed, students must have SCUBA certification at the Basic Open Water level and 12 dives logged prior to mid-November 2018 in order to enroll. Students must submit an online application and gain instructor approval to register for the courses. See SF State Marine Operations - DEEP  for more information.