CoSE TT Faculty/Lecturer and Staff Service Award

The College of Science & Engineering will recognize one outstanding faculty member/lecturer and one staff member who have distinguished themselves through excellence in service. This award is made to recognize individuals for:

Service to the College of Science & Engineering
• Leadership in addressing important institutional issues.
• Distinction in the quality of service to the institution, at the departmental, college, and University level. 

Service to the Community:
• Distinction in service to one’s profession and/or professional organizations.
• Leadership which enhances the community's well-being, and the relationship between CoSE and the community.

Recipients of this award will receive $1500 each.

Any tenured or tenure-track faculty or lecturers and full-time staff member may be nominated.

Nomination & Selection Process:
Nomination letters (approx. 300 words or less) may be sent by chairs, colleagues, students or alumni.  Please send your nominations to Nadia Chan at

Recipients of these awards will be announced at the 20th Annual CoSE Student Project Showcase on Friday, May 4, 2018.