Congratulations to the New ARCS 2018-2019 Scholarship Awardees!

Dasha Zaytseva, Biomedical Sci (Stem Cell Sciences) - MS
Destinee Lanns, Biology (Cell & Molecular Biology) - MS
Lawrence (Haruchika) Fujiwara, Geosciences - MS
Jeshu Dastidar, Mathematics - MA
Lindsay Young, Interdisciplinary Studies - MS - Hines Lab, EOS Center
Rachel Weinberg, Biology (Marine Biology) - MS - Cohen Lab, EOS Center
Stephanie Bazarini, Biology (Physiology/Behavior) - MS
Vivian Garcia, Biology (Cell & Molecular Biology) - MS

The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists scholarship is $10,000 for the academic year 2018-2019.

San Francisco State University has been competing for the ARCS allocation with many other elite Universities in the Bay Area – Stanford, UCs Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz - and has been fortunate to receive the renewal every year since 1992. SF State is the only non-Ph.D. University among the 6 recipient institutions. 

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