Congratulations to the First Promoting Inclusivity in Computing (PINC) Cohort!

Twenty biology students are graduating from the Promoting Inclusivity in Computing (PINC) program this month. These students spent two years learning computer science in a tight-knit group, tackling topics like web programming, data structures and databases. Their interdisciplinary final projects covered a wide range of topics, including a mobile app to help users gauge how intoxicated they are, an app that gathers health resources for SF State students into one interface and a tool that applies machine learning techniques to look for subtypes of the HIV virus in DNA sequences. Some students have more SF State classes to go — others are going on to Ph.D. programs and tech industry internships, where they’ll take advantage of their new computer science skills. To learn more about PINC, which aims to improve computer literacy and increase the diversity of students entering the tech workforce, click here.