Congratulations to the CoSE Winners of the CSU Research Competition!

Seven students from CoSE became final winners at the 2018 competition.

Biological and Agricultural Sciences

  • Nicole Rodrigues, Undergraduate Student, Cellular and Molecular Biology
    • Faculty Mentor: Blake Riggs
    • Research: The Search for Mitochondria in Stentor
  • Devan Shah, Graduate Student, Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Faculty Mentor: Wilfred Denetclaw
    • Research: Endoderm Nitric Oxide Focally Elevated “Hotspots” at the Heart Forming Regions (HFRs) Signals in Early Cardiogenesis in Chicken Embryos

Engineering and Computer Science

  • Alex David, Graduate Student, Embedded Electrical and Computer Systems
    • Faculty Mentor: Xiaorong Zhang
    • Research: Integrating Mobile and Cloud Computing for Electromyography (EMG)-based Gesture Recognition
  • Chloe Zirbel, Undergraduate Student, Computer Engineering
    • Faculty Mentor: Xiaorong Zhang
    • Research: Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality for Stroke Survivors

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

  • Alexandria Lagos, Graduate Student, Geosciences
    • Faculty Mentor: Petra Dekens
    • Research: Sea Surface Conditions in the Bay of Bengal from 0.8 to 1.3Ma
  • Carlos Osco Huaricapcha, Undergraduate Student, Mathematics
    • Faculty Mentor: Federico Ardila
    • Research: Using Lower Binomials to Approximate Roots of Trinomials

Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Gerald Young, Graduate Student, Psychology
    • Faculty Mentor: David Matsumoto
    • Research: Exploring ethnicity’s role in the level of cognitive processing adopted during depressive rumination