Applying for Graduation

Need Support? 

For support verifying requirement completion or information about the graduation application process, join us at a Graduation Workshop or a Pre-Grad & Registration Workshop

Graduation Application Process

Take the following steps as instructed on the Registrar's Office Graduation website

  1. Submit your Intent 
    a. Log into Gateway
    b. Open the Student Center
    c. Open the "other academic" dropdown menu
    d. Select the "Apply for Graduation" option
    e. Complete Intent

  2. Complete the Survey
    a. Complete the graduation survey
    b. Access the paper application (PDF) 

  3. Fill out the Application 
    a. Fill out the Graduation Application 
    b. See your advisors for review and approval
           i. Faculty advisor & Department Chair signatures are required. 

  4. Pay Application Fees
    a. Pay the Application Fee online in the Student Center or in person at the Bursar's Office. 
    SUBMIT the signed and paid application to the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE @ One Stop, 1st Floor of Student Services Building. 

Please Note: Completion of a graduation application does not guarantee graduation.
If you do not complete all General Education, University, Major, or Minor (optional) degree requirements, you will be denied graduation and will need to complete these requirements and then re-apply for graduation.

Deadlines for the Graduation Application

University-wide deadlines to submit graduation applications are posted to the Registrar’s Office Website. Failure to submit the graduation application by this deadline will result in a late fee.

Spring 2020 Friday, February 21st
Summer 2020 - Attending Commencement Friday, March 13th 
Summer 2020 - Not Attending Commencement Friday, July 10th 


Major and minor departments may have different internal deadlines for graduation application submission. Consult with your department office regarding these deadlines and department's policies on late graduation applications. 

University Commencement

For information on the University Commencement Ceremony, visit the Commencement website.  

Department Commencement Celebrations 

For information about commencement events in your department, please contact your department office
*Please note participation requisits vary between University Commencement and commencement events within departments.